PARTNERING for success



Dedicare will partner with you to analyze your needs, and enable your company to achieve the desired results in an efficient and compliant manner.  Dedicare utilizes sound engineering principles, proven methodologies, and strong interpersonal skills to establish a record of success for its clients in the following service areas:







How Can Dedicare Help?   

If you think now is too early to think about Process Validation, think again.  The more thought you put into defining your product and process in the early stages of development, the more money and time you will save getting to market.  We can show you the critical elements to consider to avoid costly delays, rework and compliance problems in the future. 

◊ Do you feel that your existing methodologies are sluggish, costly, cumbersome and ineffective?  Dedicare can help you develop a life cycle approach including risk-based strategies and proven statistical methods that will simplify and streamline your procedures resulting in significant reduction of the time, manpower, and materials required to complete your projects. 

If your engineers are frustrated with process validation activities, and feel that they are just pushing paper, Dedicare can develop the systems and processes to show the value added in each stage of the development life cycle and motivate your engineers to do a quality job.

Are your “validated” process failing?  Dedicare can help you identify the root causes of failure and implement monitoring and controls to ensure you stay in a state of control.

◊ If you are concerned about compliance at your contract manufacturer, or raw material supplier, we can help you assess them. 

◊ Have you been burned with previous consulting services; feel like you paid too much for the services provided or were left hanging when the project was complete?  Dedicare provides services at very competitive rates and strives to implement sustainable improvements.

◊ Short on staff to complete your fast-track validation or qualification project?  We can augment your existing resources to get it done.

◊ If you think that Dedicare does not have the expertise you are looking for, contact us.  Dedicare has the ability to tap a vast network of industry experts to satisfy your needs.